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Slot Machine Description and Objective

It’s Good to Be Bad is a 3-reel, system-wide Progressive Slot machine, and the pay table is displayed on the machine. The progressive jackpot total is displayed just above the reels, and re-starts at $100,000 every time the progressive jackpot is won. This slot machine may only be played in denominations of $.25 or $1, and only a 3-coin bet (max bet) allows the player to participate in the progressive.
Keep accumulating losing spins to increase the Free Winning Spins meter. Receive 29 losing spins in a row, and you win the progressive jackpot! Watch out!! Once you receive a winning spin, the Free Winning Spins meter is set back to zero.

You must make a maximum bet (3-coins) in order to qualify for the bonus part of the game – The Loss Meter and the Free Winning Spins meter. Building up losses in a row adds to the losses on the Loss Meter, and the dancing devil in the game tells you how many more losses you need in a row in order to get additional guaranteed free winning spins.

To win the progressive jackpot, you must rack up 29 losing spins in a row on the Loss Meter. When you get to your first four losing spins in a row, then you will receive one guaranteed free winning spin in the Free Winning Spins meter (just to the right of the reels). Also, as you build up more losses, the lights on the side of the machine will begin to light up. The more losses on the Loss Meter, the higher the lights go.

You have the option to redeem any free winning spins from the number displayed in the Free Winning Spins meter at any time. But, every time you hit a winning spin, stopping your streak of losses, then any losses you have built-up on both the Loss Meter and the Free Winning Spins meter are lost, and you must once again start building up losses and free winning spins from zero.

If you want to cash-in your winning spins before this happens, just hit the gold “Cash In!” button located just below the red Cash Out button at the very bottom of the machine.

Slot Machine Preview

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